Insulation of substructures

Waterproofing is a type of building insulation that prevents unwanted water penetration. It consists of a continuous, airtight layer made of various waterproof materials.

It is commonly used in construction in addition to thermal and sound insulation.

Why insulate the lower stab?

It is used in places where the penetration of water would cause damage to structures and moisture inside the building, such as:

  • separation of the underground part of the building from the surrounding terrain - it is supplemented by drainage
  • horizontal separation of insufficiently insulated underground and above-ground part of (older) building
  • insulation of horizontal roofs, terraces and balconies
  • insulation of interior spaces exposed to water, especially bathrooms

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Waterproofing wherever there is a risk of water penetration

Waterproofing is also used to prevent unwanted leakage of water from tanks, eg:

  • swimming pools
  • septic tanks
  • industrial tanks
  • apod.

Insulation with Asphalt modified strips

Asphalt strips are one of the oldest technologies, which in recent years have undergone a number of significant changes in the composition and use. Currently, three basic types of asphalt waterproof insulation are used: oxidized asphalts, APP-modified asphalts (atactic polypropylene) and SBS-modified asphalts (styrene-butadiene-styrene).

Due to frequent climate changes in the Czech Republic and from the long-term experience of construction companies, asphalt strips with the SBS modifier are most often used, where protection against UV radiation consists of variously colored ceramic or slate sanding on the upper side of the asphalt strip.

Asphalt modified strips retain their elastic properties from -40 ° to + 90 °, therefore they more easily transmit the thermal and mechanical stress to which they are exposed and thus perfectly protect the roof structure from external influences. SBS asphalt strips are the most widespread in the Czech Republic and are commonly used for all types of roofs


  • waterproofing strip suitable for fire-hazardous areas
  • resistant to mechanical damage
  • low permeability to water vapor
  • long-term experience
  • excellent weldability
  • hygienic and ecological safety
  • excellent weather resistance
  • good workability at low temperatures
  • easy repairs in case of damage

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