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DEKPANEL is a structural system of wooden buildings made of solid screwed wooden panels. Building using this system is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the excellent technical parameters (static, thermal-technical, acoustic, fire), as well as due to the speed and simplicity of construction.

The panel itself is DIFFULLY OPEN, if the whole building will be diffusely open or closed is up to you, the decision will be influenced by the chosen composition of the walls and the related insulation.

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Speed ​​of construction of a wooden building

Thanks to the precise machining of the panels on the surface CNC machining center, the subsequent assembly on the construction site is very fast. The assembly time of a medium-sized family house with two floors takes only a few days. Thanks to this advantage, there are significant financial savings compared to other wooden buildings.

In addition, the whole house can be driven in one car with a truss! Placement on the base plate takes place with the help of a hydraulic arm directly from the car, or in more difficult terrain using a crane.

Variability of use

DEKPANEL is designed mainly for the load-bearing structure of the walls of family houses, but it can also be used for multi-storey apartment buildings and civic amenity buildings with high demands on static load-bearing capacity and fire resistance.

Saving of living space

DEKPANEL has a significantly smaller thickness compared to masonry walls. With the same built-up area, the house built from the panel has a larger usable interior space. The average saving is about 10m2-15m2, which is basically one extra room.

Example of comparison of RD FastHome 1 from the GServis catalog - passive houses while maintaining the same properties of the house and meeting the conditions for the subsidy title Green Savings

Airtightness of the envelope of a wooden building

Panels with airtight treatment (marked F) are provided with a special airtight foil, which is inserted between the layers of boards during the production of the panel. As a result, the film is protected from damage during handling and assembly. The real airtightness of the structure has so far been verified on many constructions of passive houses with excellent results

Ecological aspects of wooden construction

DEKPANEL are made of wood, which comes mainly from Czech forests. The production of panels is designed with a view to maximizing the use of raw materials and minimizing waste. No glue or other chemicals are used in the production. The advantage over competing systems is the fact that we do not manufacture the panels in advance and then do not process them, but they are assembled on the CNC portal exactly according to the assignment, which saves material and consequently reduces the price of the entire panel.

Static load-bearing capacity of a wooden structure

The static load-bearing capacity of the panels was tested in a test laboratory with production results. Even with a relatively small thickness, DEKPANEL solid wood panels are very load-bearing for both vertical and horizontal loads. Does it provide architects and designers with considerable freedom in creating a house, round windows or a corner window without a column? Not a problem. See how we tested the load on the panel and its strength

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