Complete reconstruction of a house or flat

Different stories, different people. Complete renovations tailored to your lifestyle. 
Each interior realization is accompanied by reconstructions of various extents.

From very small, including, for example, moving the switch and painting, through extensive ones, including also the replacement of windows, changes in layout by cutting down partitions, reconstruction of the core.

Our main domain is to ensure complete implementation, turnkey reconstruction.

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Our work

Reconstruction of an apartment

We prefer innovative ideas and practical use to the original design, because the essence of happy living is to create a cozy space in which you will feel good.
The overall atmosphere is influenced not only by the aesthetic aspect, but above all by the layout solution that corresponds to your lifestyle and needs.
It is the thoughtfulness and solution of details that makes every space a real interior for life, whether it is an apartment or a family house of any size.

Complete solution for apartment reconstruction

We offer complete services in the field of reconstruction and implementation of interiors:

  • Demolition and preparatory work for cutting concrete, debris disposal
  • Masonry (including plasterboard structures and glass concrete)
  • Delivery and installation of OSB boards, installation of plasterboard and multilayer plasterboard decorations
  • Plastering, sanding and troweling walls and ceilings
  • Reconstruction of water supply and sewerage, all plumbing work
  • Reconstruction of gas installation
  • Complete reconstruction of the housing core
  • Replacement of electrical switchboard, reconstruction of electrical installations and electrical inspection
  • Implementation of low-voltage distribution (TV, internet, telephone, electronic security systems)
  • Delivery and installation of underfloor heating
  • Delivery and installation of tiles and paving, glass tiles
  • Supplies and installation of sanitary elements, implementation of atypical shower enclosures
  • Implementation of floors, wood, vinyl, laminate, PVC
  • Installation of interior and entrance security doors
  • Replacement of radiators, reconstruction of the heating system
  • Painting rooms, implementation of non-traditional plasters and surfaces, wallpapering
  • and the implementation of all related crafts according to the project up to moving and final cleaning.

Reconstruction of restaurants and offices

Whether you are interested in private or commercial realizations, their common features are cleverly used space, innovative elements and a unique look. The resulting implementations always respect the purpose of the space and the requirements for use. This is the only way we can create a home exactly for you and representative company premises. We also achieve these results mainly thanks to the proven work process, which we have created on the basis of our experience and in which you approve important partial outputs.

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Customer reviews

Neristav arranged a complete reconstruction of the family apartment for me. Everything went quickly and without a single problem. I can only recommend it.
Jana K.
Huge thanks to Neristav! The office space of our company is absolutely breathtaking, the reconstruction went great.
Petr D.
We had a house built, the work was done from A to Z exactly according to our requirements and we live perfectly.
Anežka L.

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