Insulating of flat roofs:

Our team of insulators focuses first of all on putting asphalt modified belts but also on applying the system based on softened PVC for new houses and reconstructions. Roof surfaces are supplied according to the demanded compositions like fire protection, heating insulation – polystyrene, cotton wool or polyurethane panels, gradient wedges and tinsmith's products.

Customers are offered the price calculation for free, professional applying and high-quality materials.

Roofs insulation

Roof is very important for any house. Badly designed or made roofs can greatly affect functions of the whole building. Moreover it will raise costs to maintain and repair it for the whole life span. That's why it's important to offer the suitable hydro-insulating system – material and the way to realize it.

Flat and slightly beveled roofs are due to their advantages in terms of constructing and costs still popular when designing buildings.

Industrial buildings prefer to put lighter roofs more, for example from steel sheet metal.

Flat roofs when constructing blocks of flats are preferable due to the general architectural view and good possibilities when dividing inner spaces.