Flat roof insulation

Our team of insulators focuses mainly on the laying of asphalt modified strips, but also on the application of a system based on softened PVC, for new constructions and reconstructions. We supply roof coverings according to the required compositions, for example: vapor barrier, thermal insulation (polystyrene, cotton wool, polyurethane boards) slope wedges, plumbing products.

We offer customers free processing of the price offer, professional application, quality insulation materials.

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Roof insulation

The roof is very important for every house. Improperly designed or improperly designed roof will negatively affect the function of the entire building.
In addition, it will increase maintenance and repair costs over its lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary to design a suitable waterproofing system - material and method of implementation.

Flat and sloping roof insulation

Flat and slightly sloping roofs are still relevant for the design and planning of buildings due to their advantages during implementation, but also for reasons of cost.

Roof insulation of industrial buildings

In the case of industrial buildings, the design of a light roof, eg made of trapezoidal steel sheet, is mainly used. Flat roofs are gaining ground in housing construction due to the favorable overall architectural appearance and very good options for dividing the interior space.

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Neristav arranged a complete reconstruction of the family apartment for me. Everything went quickly and without a single problem. I can only recommend it.
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Huge thanks to Neristav! The office space of our company is absolutely breathtaking, the reconstruction went great.
Petr D.
We had a house built, the work was done from A to Z exactly according to our requirements and we live perfectly.
Anežka L.

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