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We will completely roof your house. High quality and without further worries.

We will build a custom roof exactly according to your ideas and without further worries.

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Turnkey delivery

Carpentry in the creation of the roof

Carpentry work includes the production of load-bearing roof structures and is thus the basis for laying a new roof.

Whether you have us build a new custom roof or just renovate, you will always receive carpentry work of the highest quality from us.

  • construction of complete turnkey roofs
  • repairs of existing trusses
  • construction of wooden pergolas, wooden shelters and more

We will prepare calculations for all work for you free of charge.

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Roofing work on the roof

We offer a wide range of quality fired and concrete coverings to cover pitched roofs. We also offer less traditional fiber cement coverings with high resistance.
Another suitable covering for pitched roofs are asphalt shingles, which are characterized by higher resistance. And thanks to the lower weight, it is possible to use a lighter roof construction and significantly reduce the financial budget. Before installing roofing, we will offer you a wide range of types of models and colors to meet your ideas about roofing.

Tinsmith elements on the roof

Tinsmith work is the last necessary part of the implementation of the roof.
The main goal of plumbing work is to ensure perfect drainage of rainwater from the roof and protection against leakage into the building.


  • installation of gutters and downspouts
  • production and installation of troughs
  • piping
  • chimney cladding
  • installation of roof hatches

Roof insulation is a modern way of insulating the roof
This new technology will currently provide you with the highest quality continuous roof insulation. This will save you money on heating. Other advantages include quick installation and the fact that the rafter insulation makes it possible to make the wooden elements of the roof stand out in the interior.


  • the most modern way of insulation
  • thanks to quality insulation, you will not be bothered by rising energy prices
  • wooden roof elements can remain visible. The roof thus becomes an aesthetic accessory even more than ever
  • shortens the implementation time
  • prolongs the life of your roof - water condensation occurs outside the wooden part of the truss, generally helps to ventilate the roofing

Small buildings

Even a garage or gazebo can have its own character and style

For example, a garage for your car is an integral part of a family house. But even such a smaller building can have its own character, which is fully in line with the design of your house. And a suitably designed and built garden pavilion will then provide you with a pleasant environment for your relaxation with your family or loved ones. The listed products are indicative, in our offer you will of course find far more alternatives, which we will be happy to show you

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Neristav arranged a complete reconstruction of the family apartment for me. Everything went quickly and without a single problem. I can only recommend it.
Jana K.
Huge thanks to Neristav! The office space of our company is absolutely breathtaking, the reconstruction went great.
Petr D.
We had a house built, the work was done from A to Z exactly according to our requirements and we live perfectly.
Anežka L.

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