Gas connection

The gas connection creates a permanent connection between the distribution network and the offtake point. Its beginning is the connection to the main distribution pipeline and the end of the main gas valve.

Gas consumption is not possible unless the "Application for connection to the distribution system" is written first (it must be documented by a simple situation with an approximate drawing of the connection), at the initiative of which we receive a connection contract, which is part of the internal gas distribution documentation and subsequent building permit.

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Project documentation of the gas connection

Project documentation can only be prepared by a qualified employee or distribution organization. It is necessary to supply the designer himself with a contract for the connection of the distribution system and a plan of the building, on the basis of which it is possible to prepare in particular the connection of the building to the network and also the internal wiring.

Together with the prepared project, the contract for the connection of the distribution system, etc., we will submit an application for a building permit to the relevant building authority, which will express its opinion to us within the statutory period of 30 days.

Immediate inspection after connection

When granting the permit, it is possible to start the internal implementation of the gas line (only by a qualified company) up to the approved HUP type cabinet. After the completion of all work, an inspection and pressure test will be performed, during which a qualified technician will prepare a report for the house approval (or final inspection).

The connection itself is made either before the start of internal distribution or after the completion of internal distribution. In both cases, it is necessary to arrange a date for the connection to be made by the distribution company. This usually requires earthworks to be carried out by yourself, according to previously known plans and securing a ball valve, according to the prescribed dimension, including a blanking plug.

Installation of the gas meter only after signing the contract

After the completion of internal distribution, construction of the connection and conclusion of the gas supply contract, the gas meter is installed (it remains the property of the distribution company) by an authorized employee (after providing proof of inspection and pressure test).

According to regulations, the gas pipeline is laid at least 0.5 meters (low-pressure system) under a layer of soil and placed in a sand bed, which is to protect the pipeline. It is necessary to observe min. distances from other lines, eg water supply 0.15 m, electricity 0.2 m, etc. The external distribution network is terminated in the HUP cabinet (main gas valve), which is located on the boundary of the plot or the facade of the house.

We perform plumbing and plumbing work for indoor and outdoor plumbing.

Water distribution can be divided into:

  • internal water distribution,
  • outdoor water distribution,
  • industrial water distribution,
  • vacuum roof drainage.

Internal water distribution

Internal water distribution is the most common requirement of ordinary households. Thanks to our experience in this area, we are able to respond to customer requirements and successfully carry out all work related to this field. Our plumbers will design a practical and affordable solution for you. After approving such an offer, a project is ready for you for internal water distribution and hot water heating according to your requirements. We choose suitable material, couplings and equipment and lay wiring inside the house or apartment.

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