Gas connection

Gas connector creates a constant connection between the distributing center and the collection point. Its beginning is the connection to the main distributing pipe and its end is the main gas shut.

Gas collection is impossible if the “Application of connection to the distributing system” is not written (it's necessary to add the simple situation with an approximate drawing of the connection) on which basis you get the contract on connection being a part of the documents of the inner fitting of gas and the following building permission.

The project documents can be prepared only with a qualified worker or a distributing organization. The designer should get the contract on connecting the distributing system and the plan of the object, on which basis it's possible to create the connection of the construction to the network and inner fittings.

Together with the worked out project and the contract on connecting the distributing system an application on the building permission is given to an appropriate building authority that will express its opinion in the term of 30 days stated by law.

Immediate control after connecting

When the permission is given the constructing of the inner gas connection (only by a qualified company) to the type-approved box HUP. After finishing all the works the control and the pressure test will be held and a qualified technician will make the report for the acceptance certification of a building (eventually the final control).

The connection itself is made either before inner fittings or at the end. In both cases the term of connecting by a distributing company should be agreed. It usually asks to provide the ground works by itself according to the beforehand prepared plans, the ball valve, stated sizes and the vent plug.

The gas meter installation after the contract signing

After finishing the inner fittings, constructing connections and concluding the contract on gas supply a gas meter (owned by the distributing company) is installed by the authorized personnel ( when the document about the control and the pressure test is presented).

The pipes are put at least 0,5 meters under the ground according to the regulations (a low-pressure system) into a sandbox to protect the pipes. A minimum distance from the other communications should be kept like 0,15 m from the water pipe and 0,2 meters from the electricity. The outer distributing network ends in the type-approved box HUP (the main gas-off valve) placed on the border of the land or on the house facade.