Renovations, rebuilding, reconstruction of sanitary fixtures and bathrooms

On the basis of your requirements and with regard to the spatial and technical options available along with the regulations, we can advise you on how to approach the layout of your sanitary fixtures or bathroom.


We know the things to avoid and on the contrary, we know those things which work and we are happy to share them with you.


We provide the turnkey reconstruction of sanitary fixtures and bathrooms with all the comfort that comes with it.


When rebuilding, we provide you with these key services:


Demolition of sanitary fixtures and disposal of all waste.

Bricking of new walls including the option to install a plasterboard ceiling with recessed lighting.

Reconstruction of plumbing (new water distribution and sewage).

Supply and installation of all sanitary technology (bath, shower enclosure, sink,…)

Supply and installation of all wiring.

Laying of floor tiles and tiles according to your choice.

Painting of walls, cleaning.



The price for the reconstruction of sanitary fixtures depends on the type of sanitary fixture and the choice of equipment, materials and products used.





Bath vs. Shower enclosure


Sink with a cabinet vs. Sink trap cover


Mirror set in tiles vs. Mirror cabinet with lighting


Lever taps vs. Thermostatic taps


Combined WC vs. Wall-hung WC


Stucco ceiling vs. Ceiling with spotlights


Simple tiles vs. mosaics and strips


Steel door frames vs. Casing frames


There are several types of sanitary fixtures, depending on their location in the flat.


Reconstruction of sanitary fixtures in the basic version can be purchased for:

Sanitary fixture F

F – from 120,000 CZK

Sanitary fixture E

E – from 115,000  CZK

Sanitary fixture T

H – from 138,000  CZK

Sanitary fixture H

T – from 107,000 CZK


The procedure for obtaining permission for sanitary fixture reconstruction is governed by Act No. 50/1976 Coll., on town & country planning and building regulations (the Building Act), as amended, and the implementing regulations. Sanitary fixture reconstruction is a change in the existing structure that does not usually require a building permit. Notification is sufficient in the case of construction work that does not change the appearance of the construction, does not interfere with supporting structures and does not change the method of using the construction.

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