Engineering networks - water connection, water regulations

In addition to the connection to the sewerage system, we also set up a water supply connection (water connection, water supply system), including surface treatments such as earthworks, landscaping, interlocking paving. The water connection connects the internal water supply and the water supply system, transports water to the connected house or building. Each property should have its own connection, which must be placed perpendicular to the public water supply network and there must be no branches on it.

The place where the connection passes through the masonry must be protected by a sealed protection in which there must be no pipe connection. The slope of the connecting pipe from the building to the public network must be min. 1%.

Definition of water connection

From the point of view of the law, the water supply connection is defined as follows: The definition of the water supply connection is specified by Act No. 274/2001 Coll. on Water Supply and Sewerage for Public Use (Act on Water Supply and Sewerage), as amended in §3, para. 1) closure of the attached land or building. The branch with a cap is part of the water supply. The water connection is not a water part. The establishment of a water supply connection is governed by the Building Act No. 183/2006 Coll. as amended. The water connection is not a water part.

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Connection to the water supply system

The water supply connection is connected to the water supply system:

Drilling - the connection is created by drilling. It is mainly used for smaller dimensions for family houses (up to DN connection 50 mm). It is drilled vertically or horizontally depending on the type of connection shut-off valve. The advantage of some types of drill bits is that the drill can be done under pressure and without the need to stop.

By branch - connection by means of a T-piece. It is used for the connection of larger operating objects (from a DN connection of 75 mm and above), simultaneously with the construction of a water supply system or additionally, a transition from a pipe to a flange connection is used, between which a flange T-piece is inserted. There are also T-shaped plastic fittings - necks. The disadvantage of this connection to the water supply system is the shutdown of the water supply line.

Composition of the water connection

The water connection when connected to the water supply system consists of the parts needed for connection to the water supply system and the water metering system.

Connect to water supply

Gate valve - shut-off valve, usually in the place of connection of the connection to the rows, to control the gate valve, a ground trench set is used, which is usually supplemented by a cast iron cover in the level of the surrounding terrain

Water meter system:

Shut-off valve - usually a ball valve up to DN 40 mm, DN 50 mm and a slide valve higher.

Reduction - the dimension of the connection pipe is usually larger than the dimension of the water meter, therefore the DN must be reduced.

  • Water meter - for measuring water consumption, some types may require a straight section of pipe in front of and behind the water meter to calm the water flow in order to maintain the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Mounting piece - for water meter assemblies with flange connections (DN 50 mm and higher), a mounting piece is installed to define the water meter, which defines the mounting space.
  • Reduction - change of DN back to pipe diameter.
  • Check valve - rectifying valve preventing backflow of water.
  • Filter - where maximum protection against the ingress of impurities from the water supply is required, a filter is fitted.
  • Shut-off valve - up to DN 40 mm usually ball valve, DN 50 mm and higher slide.
  • Drain valve - for smaller dimensions usually incorporated in the shut-off valve.

Water supply distribution

The piping system in the family house and commercial premises ensures the distribution of cold and hot water to the individual water collection devices. Water supply can be done with water from the public water supply or from our own machines (well, well), when it is often necessary to set up a domestic waterworks. If it is possible to connect to the public water supply, it is necessary to set up your own connection. The water connection should be routed in the optimal way and at a depth where it is not possible to freeze, this connection is terminated by a water meter.

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Plumbing services

We offer professionally performed plumbing work from minor tasks to complete reconstructions in family, prefabricated houses, industrial buildings and other operations.

Plumbing, installation and repairs are performed by our professionals in Prague, but also in the Czech Republic.

Water supply

Water supply is a device for pipeline or similar transport of water. The public water supply network ensures the supply of treated water for a large number of inhabitants. These include long-distance and local lines, which are run in public spaces, so that repairs can be easily carried out, most often in parallel with roads. Private water mains ensure the distribution of water from the public network inside the building or the transport of water from a non-public source, for example from its own well.

The water connection connects the internal water supply and water supply lines, transports water to the connected property. You will find out in more detail what is needed to set up a water connection in the article on sewerage connections and water supply regulations.

Water distribution


We perform plumbing and plumbing work for indoor and outdoor plumbing.

Water distribution can be divided into:

  • internal water distribution,
  • outdoor water distribution,
  • industrial water distribution,
  • vacuum roof drainage.

Internal water distribution

Internal water distribution is the most common requirement of ordinary households. Thanks to our experience in this area, we are able to respond to customer requirements and successfully carry out all work related to this field. Our plumbers will design a practical and affordable solution for you. After approving such an offer, a project is ready for you for internal water distribution and hot water heating according to your requirements. We choose suitable material, couplings and equipment and lay wiring inside the house or apartment.

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