Loft constructions in plasterboard

Loft constructions when unused spaces change into living place is a fast and cheap way to get spaces to live or work without buying more land or installing engineering networks. When doing it it's hardly possible to find a more suitable way to change a loft construction into a cozy studio apartment or spacy office than plasterboard.

Plasterboard is a perfect solution for loft constructions, studio apartments and offices

Loft constructions include horizontal, oblique and vertical peripheral constructions of a living loft. Just oblique lines of saddle roofs create an unrepeatable atmosphere in loft interiors. Such a loft flat can get a higher market price than any usual flat of the same area in the same house.

Possibilities to use a loft construction

  • making new flats
  • office premises
  • production areas
  • studios
  • teaching classrooms
  • bathrooms
  • fitness rooms

When planning a loft construction it's necessary to think about higher static and dynamic stress the building after finishing constructing works will be incurred to. In the original building project if it excited at all constructing loft spaces was not taken into account. So it's absolutely necessary to have the building assessed by a structural analyst and not to forget about an authorized permission either from the house owner or the building authority.

A loft flat was constructed with plasterboard

Just because of low weight plasterboard is the most suitable material to construct loft flats interiors. Systems of inside dry constructing with plasterboard meet very serious technical, physical, construction and esthetic requirements.

  • advantages of use plasterboard for loft constructions and flats
  • easy processing and repairing of plasterboard
  • time easiness and speed when constructing interiors in a dry way
  • wet processes are excluded enabling to use the spaces immediately after finishing the works
  • as opposed to traditional constructions thanks to low weight plasterboard doesn't burden carrying constructions of a building
  • financial savings for the material and work
  • increasing the market price of the house thanks to the price of the loft constructions

We sell loft constructions and loft spaces reconstructions

Our specialists offer the full range of services for reconstructing or building loft constructions or flats.

Thanks to plasterboard we create fast and for a reasonable price luxurious loft apartment immediately to move in.

The soft construction starts.

We offer

  • complete supply and construction of loft interiors turnkey
  • subcontracts of loft constructions in plasterboard for construction projects of other suppliers
  • independent and partial loft constructions and reconstructions of interiors and flats

Common fulfilment process with loft constructing with plasterboard

  • examining the spaces at disposition
  • working out the budget and schedule of the work
  • concluding a contract if the customer agrees with our offer
  • working out a project and arranging the construction engineer’s assessment
  • consulting when preparing documents to get the building permission
  • constructing loft spaces – assembling plasterboard constructions
  • installing all the engineering networks and connecting all the appliances and fittings
  • painting the rooms with the agreed in advance colors or papering with wall-papers chosen by you
  • cleaning -up and handing over the finished interior

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Neristav arranged a complete reconstruction of the family apartment for me. Everything went quickly and without a single problem. I can only recommend it.
Jana K.
Huge thanks to Neristav! The office space of our company is absolutely breathtaking, the reconstruction went great.
Petr D.
We had a house built, the work was done from A to Z exactly according to our requirements and we live perfectly.
Anežka L.

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