Tiling for kitchen – how to choose?

Ceramic tiling for kitchens is a separate part in the field of tilings. Here we represent a couple of basic advice how to choose it correctly.

Material in the kitchen should fit.

Tiling in the kitchen should fit not only to the kitchen unit but to the material used on the floor and in the space in general. Some materials suit more to smaller kitchen, others – to spacious ones usually dominating family houses. A broken kitchen in an old rural building or a construction in a historical style need absolutely different kind of tiling than the modern light kitchens. For the color interior it's more suitable to choose more discreet shades and on the contrary if the interior is designed in a simple way it's always suitable to recover it with some interesting decoration. When deciding which format to choose the general rule is bigger tiling for bigger spaces and for smaller spaces it's better to choose smaller size tiling.

Don't forget about functions

Kitchen tiling should be not just nice-looking but practical too. Easy maintenance should be stressed upon. It can be reached with calibrated tiling being stuck with smaller joints that will not get dirty fast. In the same way it's suitable to choose tiling with smooth surfaces easy to wash. The perfect solution is big-format calibrated tiling supplied even of 3x1 m size.

Design for all styles lovers

Thanks to the colorful choice of tilings today any lover of modern styles presented with thin but highly resistant tilings or rural and historical styles will find what they want. Some types of tilings especially of smaller formats offer interesting combinations of colors and samples. Very popular are for example retro style or colorful Shabby Chic with flowers or a cozy style á la Provence with highlighted joints. Effective hexagonal tilings are getting more popular, mosaics offering interesting combinations of colors and samples still remain in demand.

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