Tiling in bathrooms

Style moderation, using light colors, a suitable format – this is our design when reconstructing or renovating a flat bathroom. The less the space is the more you should think it over. Everything should fit to a smaller bathroom and at the same time you want it to look nice.

These days the rule when having a small bathroom is equal to having smaller tiling formats doesn't work. With widely spreading tendency to use bigger formats it is more often recommended to use them in block of flats bathrooms. Bigger tilings in a bathroom (for instance 20 x 60, 30 x 60 up to 60 x 60 cm) made with very narrow joints will unite the space, add it elegance and make it look spacious. Taking into account a less number of joints the tiled walls are better kept clean. The general lightning will be reached with help of light colors completed with interesting decorations. Vertical decorations and formats of tilings are an invigorating element but horizontal tilings and listels impose calming down. Tiling from the floor often goes further to the walls and so fulfils its decorative task.

The light decorative and practical element is mosaics. They are perfect to renovate a smaller bathroom especially in light colors. With its help you make the edges round, tile shelves or the basin and so make the space cozier. In a smaller bathroom it's better to combine mosaics with bigger tiling format, so you will reach the proper effect. Listels are good to be used vertically in smaller bathrooms making the space of a lower flat higher.

Velmi účinnými pomocníky se vám v malé koupelně stanou zrcadla a vhodně použité umělé osvětlení. Koupelnu doslova oživí nasvícení všech míst, kde se pohybuje vodní hladina, jako je vana nebo umyvadlo. Odlesky světla a zrcadlení skvěle oživí koupelnový prostor.

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Neristav arranged a complete reconstruction of the family apartment for me. Everything went quickly and without a single problem. I can only recommend it.
Jana K.
Huge thanks to Neristav! The office space of our company is absolutely breathtaking, the reconstruction went great.
Petr D.
We had a house built, the work was done from A to Z exactly according to our requirements and we live perfectly.
Anežka L.

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