Plasterboard ceilings

Plasterboard offers an endless number of solutions with new buildings and reconstructions. With its help it's possible to create of complete an imaginative home but also effectively hide the unattractive parts of the interior like girders, riser pipes, pipelines, crooked walls and ceilings or falling plastering.

Facing of walls and ceilings with plasterboard – the fast way to a better interior

Facing of walls and ceilings with plasterboard is a cheap and fast technology enabling to make the interior look better without changing dispositions in your space in such a way that you will not recognize it.

Do girders, cracks in plaster or falling pieces of paintings trouble you?

Do unattractive pipelines and heating pipes disfigure your rooms?

Have you inherited a flat with electricity led in edge moldings?

Would you like to embed a shelf?

Have you bought a worn-out building and want to set up a company there?

Then you should make a decision which technology to choose for a high-quality and effective renovation of walls and ceilings.

For that purpose the ideal solution is plasterboard facing of walls and ceilings.

Difference between renovating plasters and plasterboard facing

Reconstructing plasters and renovating walls and ceilings in a classical wet way. There is always a possibility to use the classical way – to invite masons when house-painters and plasterers will repair your walls and ceilings in a traditional wet way. It means to deal with an intensive construction activity, a lot of dust and noise lasting a few weeks.

Moreover all the works can't be done at once. After removing the old plasters it's necessary to take away the rubbish, new plasters should get dry before applying paints, there will probably change several craft firms in your house and their schedules should not pass to each other.

Walls and ceilings renovation with plasterboard facing.

Practically the same result but with the possibility to hide all the interior defects can be achieved with plasterboard much better, cleaner and considerably cheaper. Plasterboard can be applied to practically any mason, wooden or concrete wall or ceiling without removing or repairing the original plasters. Moreover it's possible to combine the assembling of plasterboard facing with heating and sound insulation inserted between the masonry and plasterboard. The part of the plasterboard facing offer is installing a new electrical wiring. A client can in that way change the layout of lightning objects, sockets and switches; in some cases they can replace the usual lights with interesting LED lights. The same can be done with the Internet and LAN networks, sound systems, water, gas or air-conditioning. Everything will be nicely hidden between masonry and plasterboard.

7 reasons for using plasterboard to face walls and ceilings

  • making a better look of the interior – perfectly flat walls and ceilings, hiding some defects and unification of the interior style
  • improving the heating and sound insulation – the added insulation material can be inserted
  • minimum of constructing works – assembling doesn't trouble with noise and the rest of the rooms can be used
  • providing an in-between space to install electricity, water, gas, computer network, antennas, air conditioners etc.
  • saving money, time and material in comparison with the traditional wet way of constructing
  • possibility to create interesting interior elements like niches, shelves, vaults
  • saving from breathing in some radioactive gases relieving from the masonry

Making plasterboard facing of walls and ceilings

We offer plasterboard facing services for walls and ceilings

  • completing plasterboard interiors including walls and ceilings facing from the project up to the delivery and assembly turnkey
  • plasterboard facing of walls and ceilings as a subcontract for the whole investment of some other suppliers
  • assembling of plasterboard facing of walls and ceilings in ready-made interiors
  • assembling other elements from plasterboard – crossbars, loft constructions, living cores, boxes etc.

Plasterboard facing of walls

The basic thing is direct facing of the existing walls with plasterboard panels. This way of facing will make a crooked or damaged wall flat. The space made between the wall and the plasterboard will enable to install everything easily. It's necessary to take into consideration some reduction of the living space.

Way of fastening the plasterboard to the walls

  • dry plaster - traditional plaster is replaced with sticking plasterboard panels with cement and is used for vertical constructions – practically no loss of the living space, but there is no space for installing and insulation made
  • joined walls - grid constructions linked to the existing walls are used - the loss of the living space is approximately 10 cm of each wall
  • freely standing walls – plasterboard constructions don't depend on the resistant wall – the loss of the living space depends on the distance between the plasterboard and the wall

Plasterboard facing of ceilings

It's about different kinds of plasterboard ceilings directly linked to the carrying roof. They are used not just when reconstructing but in new buildings too. They can renew an old roof but also hide some space under an ugly ceiling or lower the original ceiling – in this case anyway it’s not about plasterboard facing but the ceiling. Inserting mineral insulation can increase heating and acoustic characteristics. Facing ceilings also enables to hide air-conditioning system or electric installation. Ceiling systems can be placed under any carrying ceiling where you can twist or hit plasterboard grids.

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